The Money Changers Zen & Now
by Richard 2008

Before we get to the present let us remember the past. Back in the time two things were going on at the temple, money exchangers and a religious cult.  But you have made it a den of thieves—Jeremiah 7:11. The reference to den of thieves may be a reference to inflated pricing or more sinister forms of using a religious cult to exploit the poor.

The money changers: The rule was that to purchase anything in the temple one must use the local currency. So those traveling to the temple were forced to purchase using the local coin; Greek and Roman money for Jewish and Tyrian money. In the exchange the money changers would take 30% of the value as a fee for the exchange which was the price for the use of the exclusive symbol for local exchange. In other words extorting profit from the exchange of monies. So by creating an artificial need they gave something they could produce for almost free and create value where there was not out of nothing. When we take value without creating genuine value in return we steal.



The Religious Cult: It was required by the religious leaders that people sacrifice animals which they had to purchase. Doves were sold to the poor people as sacrificial animals for they could not afford a lamb or other such animal. So here we have the religious cult creating an artificial economy in league with the money changers and animal breeders. A conspiracy of church and state.

The synoptics then state that the crowd were in awe of Jesus, which concerned "the chief priests and the teachers of the law." Luke and Mark say these Temple leaders were so concerned that they began to plot against Jesus' life, to which Luke adds that the crowd were so in awe with Jesus that no-one could be found to assassinate him.

The priests, teachers, elders, Pharisees and Herodians are described as coming up to Jesus, and questioning his authority to do the things that he is doing; the synoptics imply that it is in reference to his teaching. The synoptics recount that Jesus called into question their own authority or allegiances.

The followers of Jesus and there were many drove the money-changers  from the Temple precincts. Although later the money changers later returned after the crucifixion. .

It’s 2008

The money changers and religion as a cult have evolved and expanded throughout the world, and the artificial economy reaches every corner. The benefactors of this fiction, with the symbol they control, oppress the people and obstruct a natural balanced flow. For with this artificial value they take a portion of the genuine value creating disparity among the all. For by law one must use their symbol, or number (bank account) to buy and sell. The people do not own the monetary system in a world of fiction, it is held in private hands, and they take nothing and turn it into gold. A clever trick based on perception. Read Making Money Is a Scam in a World of Fiction.


The Religion as a Cult, various church bodies, are still selling salvation and redemption having clouded the truth with fiction.

It is time to destroy the fictions of the world and remove the money-changers and their artificial economy from the system.




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